New Technologies

The application of new technologies to educational approaches facilitates information and provides the necessary tools to interpret, represent and develop different tasks. The present and the future of education can not be understood without the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


The use of ICT should be used to promote new methodologies in the classroom, access new models of teaching and learning that are more attractive and educational, but never replace traditional styles and materials used in the learning process. It is an instrument that should help the achievement of educational goals: education is to prepare students, teach them to be free, independent, and to know how to think for themselves and have their own criteria.


The school is equipped with:

  • In the EYFS there is a learning corner equipped with technological tools adapted to the level of each classroom
  • Each classroom from Foundation Stage (3-5) has its own interactive whiteboard
  • Tablets for every student from Key Stage 1
  • Laboratory of New Technologies for upper stage students
  • Internet and WIFI open to the entire school community
  • Portable projectors to be used in various parts of the school