Director's Letter

Welcome to Jigsaw British School,

In May 2008 we opened the doors to what people referred to as “an English nursery”. Back then, we would never have imagined that the little school located right in the heart of Tarragona would become the project of a lifetime.

I believe it is not necessary to highlight how important English is for the future lives of our children, since languages are one of the four pillars that define our educational project and the main reason why you knock on our door. But Jigsaw British School is not aimed to be a school where children come to "learn English" but a referential school that we will, little by little, discover all together.

I write this letter with joy and eagerness, sure that together we will develop this endlessly beautiful project by sharing the responsibility of educating and learning, knowing that together we will transfer our values to our children.

It is with this main objective that Jigsaw British School opens its doors to welcome a little piece of each and every one of your children’s lives and their families so we can create the school we dream of, the school we want, the school we build day by day between us all.

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Laia Monguió Figuerola

Head of the School